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Life, Death and Beyond

This article was originally published in Pink Sky Magazine, February 2017

How much of our life is guided by pre-birth plans? What is divine intervention or synchronicity? What about free will? Where does that come into our life decisions? These are the questions many people ponder, especially at cross roads in their life. As a Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Therapist, Kathryn Hand has had an inside glimpse into these questions more than most.

Major milestones in our life, such as birth, death, significant relationships, choice of country, moving country are pre-planned before we enter this incarnation. We meet with those that agree to be significant players in our lives, and our guides, and map out a plan – a blueprint.

However, we do have free will. And sometimes we don’t use that free will wisely. We get caught up on the honeypot of human emotions and get stuck in it, caught up in our patterns and making choices, taking action that is based on our human story, rather than the wisdom of our soul. It’s all a part of our journey and we come here, setting ourselves up to be wounded, so that we can grow through it. The cure for the pain is in the pain.

Synchronicity is a reminder that we are on the right path. It is commonly said to be a wink from God, however, Kathryn believes synchronicity is a little reminder from our higher selves that serve as signposts. Your soul is whispering ‘’Come this way” “Yes” “Keep going”. Once you become aware of synchronicity and start to let it guide you, you follow your heart’s desires, your soul’s plan and the magic starts to unfold.

Kathryn has had no finer example of this herself, than with the synchronicity of events that led her along the path to her life’s calling.

In reality, the series of events that primed her for what she is now doing, began many years ago, but that’s for another long story! The shorter version is the day Kathryn got a call from someone telling her about an amazing conference called the Afterlife Explorers Conference. After checking it out on the website, she felt compelled to go. But, as a solo parent running her own hypnotherapy practice, plans to buy tickets got shelved. As Christmas approached and funds got low, it seemed her ability to get to the conference was not likely.

Four days before the event, she received another phone call. This time from a woman she didn’t know, who explained that she had won 2 free tickets to the Afterlife Explorers Conference – offering one of them to Kathryn. Was it a stroke of luck? A coincidence? No, Kathryn believes it was all planned and guided.

Kathryn arrived at the Conference to discover her free ticket was not there and the registration clerk called over the Organiser, Mick Turner.

Mick was organising the Inaugural Afterlife Explorers Conference in response to his own near-death experience. He had been looking for answers to an experience that had occurred some years before.

As a deep-sea commercial diver, he had drowned as his full head helmet for deep sea diving started to fill with water. He had no choice but to wait for his inevitable death as his lungs filled with water. Indeed, he was dead for at least 10 minutes before his team got to him, putting his lifeless body into a decompression chamber where he spent 2 days before making a recovery.  During that time he had an experience that convinced him that our consciousness continues after physical death and it had been driving him to explore the subject ever since.  It wasn’t Mick’s time to leave the planet, he had work to do and now, in organising the Conference, he was fulfilling that mission.

Back to the morning of the Conference.

Mick was apologetic that Kathryn’s free ticket was not noted down and asked the registration clerk to allocate her a VIP pass. He couldn’t help but notice the number she randomly pulled out was number 23, his lucky number.

Throughout that day, someone had mentioned to Mick that he should try and connect with Kathryn. Meanwhile, Kathryn had been meaning to catch Mick. The day had progressed and neither had managed to do so and it wasn’t until the MCs closing remarks that Kathryn thought she would quickly take the time to meet Mick and thank him for the free pass. As she turned around to go and find him, she almost knocked him out – he was standing right behind her and asked if she had time to stay back and chat.

As they chatted, Kathryn had a strong déjà vu moment of another lifetime with Mick. It was not something she had ever experienced before. She seemed to have an earlier lifetime overlapping her current timeline. This then led to dreams about a different lifetime together and she realised that she had a history with this man. In coming days, Mick also had an intuition that they had past lifetime connections. He told Kathryn that her VIP card had been number 23 – his lucky number. Kathryn laughed – her lucky number is 32! They discovered they lived less than 2km from each other and had lived a few suburbs away from each other while living in London 20 years earlier – and frequented the same pub on the Thames.

Within a couple of months, Kathryn was onboard as Event Coordinator and utilising all her skills both as a past life therapist and her industry knowledge, with a whole host of prior corporate experience.

Together they planned the second Afterlife Explorers Conference in Melbourne and this year, Mick and Kathryn have expanded their journey to look at consciousness beyond the soul and angelic realms, to gain a better understanding of our cosmic consciousness – investigating consciousness in the stars, lives we’ve lived on other planets, starseeds, ET encounters and how it impacts on contactees and how we can move and thrive into a 5D consciousness. This awakening process has seen Mick and Kathryn now create a second conference called The Close Encounters Conference. It came together so quickly that they felt it was divinely guided. Some of the speakers for the two conferences include Mary Rodwell, Dr Bob Davis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley who are all Board members of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

The conferences have been designed to challenge our current perceptions of life, death and beyond. It poses the question: Who are we, really?

Mick and Kathryn tend to work very energetically, greatly guided by intuition and following their hearts in all aspects of organising their conferences. They plan now to organise cosmic consciousness conferences all over the world at major chakra points, their first location being Uluru.

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