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What can we learn from the fall of lost civilisations?

Our souls chose this life time. We pre-planned significant circumstances and our reason for being in this place, at this time. We selected our body, our parents and major players to help us in this lifetime.

Many of us incarnated today lived through the rise and fall of Atlantis. What advanced technology did we possess? What did we witness as this civilisation was destroyed? Were we there and what can we do now to help in this current timeline?

It's highly likely that we came into this lifetime for a 're-do' so we can bring awareness from the collapse of our worlds. And, importantly, letting go of the grief that we may be holding within is a vital step in moving forward for our own personal healing.

I'm running a workshop to help people find their own answers from their hidden memories to reveal the secrets buried within and lift the veil to insights and understandings.

What if you didn't live in Atlantis? As you go into a deep state of relaxation, you will go to a lifetime of similar experience that will still bring you the learning, healing and lessons that will help you. It may not have been the fall of an entire civilisation, however, it might have been the destruction of your town, village or home. Your soul will guide you to where you need to go to help you bring forth the healing that you need and the wisdom that you can share.

It would be great if you can attend face-to-face in my clinic in Dural. Otherwise, if you have a quiet space where you can be peacefully uninterrupted for 2.5 hours, and a stable internet connection, join in online via Zoom.

Sunday 14 March 3.00-5.30pm | $65pp

The Phoenix Healing Centre, Dural, Sydney Hills District or Online via Zoom

To find out more of book your spot visit

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