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Past Lives Unveiled

April 22, 2019

 I recently had a case study published in the newly published book 'Past Lives Unveiled' by Barry Eaton.  The piece published looked at the session through the eyes of my client, Geraldine.


Geraldine had suffered with claustrophobia as long she could remember. Driving through tunnels, using lifts or getting into confined spaces were things she had learnt to avoid for a long time. However, motived by the desire to fly to Spain to attend her son’s wedding,Geraldine hoped that discovering the source of this problem would lead to a resolution and she could cope with 21 hours in the confinement of an airline cabin. She came to see me in the hope that I could help her recover deep hidden memories of when this fear began.


Our session commenced with Geraldine finding herself in her mother’s womb, not long before she was due to be born. She was feeling helpless, anxious and frustrated. As we explored these emotions further, it became evident that the anxiety was in fact, her mother’s. It is very common that a baby in the womb is aware of her mother’s feelings. In a therapeutic setting, I can help the baby differentiate between her own feelings and those of her mother’s. Usually we are able to release the negative emotion because the client realises that it was not theirs to hold onto and it is more beneficial to release.


In Geraldine’s case, her mother had two failed pregnancies, one stillborn, prior to this pregnancy.d  She desperately wanted to give birth to a healthy, living child. Geraldine was taking on her mother’s fear and anxiety that something would go wrong a third time. Her attempts to reach her mother to help were unsuccessful. She felt as though she couldn’t get through to her. This in turn left her feeling helpless - trapped in a place unseen and unheard.


A baby in the womb has a foot in both worlds. Still deeply connected to their soul’s wisdom, they can tap into their higher, wiser self. Yet, as a developing baby in the womb, they are already establishing the constraints and limitations of the human condition. Children under about the age of 6, including babies in the womb, are in a hypnogogic state, which essentially means they don’t have a fully formed conscious mind. They easily ‘absorb’ emotions from their parents, primarily their mother. They start to form beliefs about themselves, the world and people in it.


In order to help Geraldine let go of feelings of helplessness and frustration, I took her through a process. She could see that her mother’s journey included soul contracts with those two babies - it wasn't Geraldine's responsibility to intervene. Geraldine was able to release the anxiety she was holding onto and in turn, reconnect with her own reasons for coming into this lifetime.


With relief and a greater sense of freedom, she was now looking forward to her pending birth and life ahead. Had her experience in the womb been the source of the claustrophobia?


We kept exploring to find out more. As we ventured further back downGeraldine’s timeline we uncovered a lifetime around seven centuries earlier. In this incarnation, she was a young woman named Cecilia living within the confines of a manor house in medieval England.


The dark ages were not named so without reason! Going beyond the safety of the castle walls was unsafe. Cecilia had this message reinforced over and over again.


Although she longed to roam free and explore the fields and woods beyond, her fear of the unknown world outside kept her safe inside. Family expectations and pressure weighed heavily on her, and as the eldest child with parents rarely around, she was forced to raise younger siblings. Once Cecilia overheard her parents planning to marry her off, she ran away and took refuge in a monastery. In the monastery she was finally able to enjoy freedom that she had been denied her entire life.



She became a nun and her passion for working with herbs was fostered. Thriving in this environment, she was able to spend her days in the open fields doing something she loved, free of pressure and expectations. Tragically though, Cecilia’s life ended prematurely. She became a victim of the witch hunts and was killed for her healing skills as a herbalist. She lost her life, confined in a hood and a hangman’s noose.


After Cecilia’s death, I directed her to leave the body and expand to a fuller consciousness. This is something the soul has done many, many times and knows what to do. Although there is sometimes a lingering desire to wait around the body and reach out to loved ones or deal with unfinished business, the soul will release and heal naturally as it moves away from the Earth plane. The client always feels lighter – the heaviness of the human body and human emotions melt away.


Now talking to Geraldine/Cecilia’s higher self, I was able to question this soul about the similarities between the two lifetimes. Geraldine’s fear had been set up many centuries ago when she was kept confined, unseen and unheard by her parents. When she did finally break free, it resulted in an unfair death. It was not surprising to understand now why this lifetime kept her fear alive. There was still a residue from her former life – a part of her that wanted to be safe by staying away from anything that felt confining.


Geraldine’s session could now be concluded by helping her to release that old pattern and break free from any negative energy carried with her. She learnt that she could feel safe in a tunnel, a lift and even an aircraft cabin.


Happily, Geraldine reported to me she had tested her new-found freedom by driving through the long Lane Cove Tunnel free of any old fear. And of course, the ultimate test was her flight to Spain – a total triumph! Furthermore, Gerladine’s passion for herbs and healing has been able to flourish as another added benefit of releasing the bonds of the past. This is the power of past life regression therapy – explore your past, heal your present, change your future.


You can read Geraldine's experience in Barry Eaton's book "Past Lives Unveiled". 


See Barry interviewed on the 'TODAY' show about his book.






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