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Athena X's past life regression

May 14, 2017

Foxtel’s episode 11 of the Real Housewives of Sydney that aired on Sunday 7 May saw Athena X Levendi undertake a past life regression session with clinical hypnotherapist, Kathryn Hand.


Whilst the 6 minute segment showed but just a few highlights, in reality the session took an intense 3+ hours and helped Athena X to understand the past life connections she shares with two of the other women in the show.


Reports in trash tabloid media such as the Courier Mail headlined the session as ‘bizarre’ and stated ‘This is some straight-up Exorcist s**t’.  There are some sceptics who wonder how exploring a past lifetime can have relevance to activities in this lifetime.  However, Kathryn Hand, a hypnotherapist with 10 years’ experience, says Athena X’s session is a very typical example of how trauma held over from a past lifetime can impact on the dynamics of a relationship in this current life.


“Just as patterns can occur and play repeatedly in our lives, so too can patterns from past lives reappear that are opportunities to be healed” says Ms Hand.


In her online blog, Athena X commented:  “All I can say about this very complex ‘regression’ in a few words not to confuse you all, is that I’ve come to understand that our subconscious holds all our inner thoughts and truths & fears and through hypnosis we can access some truths that are perhaps hidden in our subconscious thoughts…


I did find out a lot of fascinating information about my relationship with Lisa and Nicole, and I can certainly say it has helped me connect with them both with far more openness, love and compassion.”

Ms Hand reports that Athena X is a beautiful soul who has put herself in the firing line by appearing in this show.  She is bravely showing her spiritual beliefs in a mainstream series and hoping to educate the world that we are so much more than this body, this lifetime.


Whilst Athena’s session has been greatly misunderstood by some who have said it was a stage act, Ms Hand says that she can absolutely vouch for Athena’s authenticity.


“When I was first approached by the producer of RHOS, I too was sceptical of becoming involved in that type of reality show.  I stipulated that I would only work with someone who was genuinely on a spiritual path and that the session be conducted as I would for any client.  Athena first came and did a session on her own, with no entourage. I knew nothing about her, it was long before news of the show was public knowledge.  I tuned into her energy and immediately saw the soul of a bright lightworker, an old soul with powerful, calm, compassionate energy.  I also saw that she was struggling and going backwards in some way.”


Ms Hand continued, “Once I found out more about the nature of the other women she had been cast with on the show, I realised that Athena X was indeed being dragged backwards in her spiritual growth by being with these women.  After all, she is human and anyone in that situation, caught up in the drama of low vibrational beings, under constant criticism, being bullied and mocked – well who wouldn’t lash back?”


The first session showed that Athena X was indeed an ideal candidate for hypnotic regression and Athena went to a different lifetime successfully.  The second regression was filmed for the show, and in this session, Athena X went back to a life in Greece, reliving a lot of emotional trauma.


“Athena’s experience was most definitely authentic.  That I can confirm” says Ms Hand.  “Some people will never understand the profound nature of this type of work, and that is their journey.  Not everyone has enough self-awareness to explore their own consciousness that deeply.  And that is the nature of being a lightworker.  You have to let those who don’t have the ears to hear it go on their way – it’s not yet their time to awaken.”


“I am proud to have worked with Athena X and despite my fears of being aligned with that TV show in any way, I will back Athena all the way.  Kudos to her for being true to herself and her cause.  She will spark something in some people, and if she only gets people talking about it, then she’s already ahead.  The mainstream is increasingly ready to embrace spiritual concepts” Ms Hand commented.


Mick Turner, organiser of Australia’s foremost consciousness event, The Afterlife Explorers Conference, says “More and more people are wanting to explore the full extent of their consciousness and past life regression is one way to do that.  I have recalled three past lives through hypnotic regression and with one of them I was able to validate the past life experience with help from the Australian War Memorial”.






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