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Who's in my soul group?

May 22, 2015

Soulmate interractions don't always feel easy when we are incarnating here on planet earth with them!  Soulmates can give us untold moments of love and joy, but can often push our buttons, break our hearts and sometimes cause us painful trauma.


So, how does it feel to 'go home' and discover your abusive, alcoholic parent is one of your soulmates? A soulmate who has nothing but unconditional love for you.


In your spiritual home, that is the life in between lives, your soul group is a closeknit, deeply bonded circle of souls who share a deep sense of connection and are of a similar vibrational match.  Your soul group has a common theme and work towards a common goal, yet you all have different 'flavours' and bring your own strengths to the group.


When people visit their soul group in a Life Between Lives session, it is a deeply moving moment, often bringing clients to tears.  There is a sense of overwhelming love, camaraderie and a total sense of belonging.  People say it is like being welcomed home after returning from a battlefield!


There are typically around 8-12 in a soul group. Sometimes you will recognise these souls as people you know in this incarnation.  Others will seem more like energy and less physical.  As you focus on each member of your soul group, you will understand more about them.  


If you are in an existing relatioship with one of these soul group members it can be incredibly healing and give you a great understanding about your reason for being together in this life time.  IT can also give you insights as to why you have left some relationships behind and why that was a necessary part of your growth. 


Once you have learnt a lesson and cleared old 'baggage' from a pattern in a relationship, the issue will be resolved and you can let go of that relationship with love and understanding.






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