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Wow! Can you turn me into a chicken?

December 4, 2012

When I tell people I am a hypnotherapist, there are few people who really understand what a hypnotherapist does.  Jokes like 'Can you turn me into a chicken?' are all too common!


Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to help people enter into a relaxed state, much like a daydream.  Your body goes in and out of hypnotic states all the time.  Commonly when you are engrossed in something like drawing, watching TV - even when you are driving along a freeway you know well.  It happens as you are coming out of sleep and going into sleep.  It is a natural and normal state your body knows how to produce.  


Can anyone be hypnotised?  The simple answer is yes.  As mentioned, it is a normal and natural state for your body to go into.  However, in a clinical setting, it can be harder for people to relax - afterall, our subconscious likes to keep us safe and alert with strangers.  Like anything, hypnosis in a clinical setting becomes deeper and easier with practice.  That being said, the majority of people who have a normal or higher than normal IQ, who are not using heavy drugs can be hypnotised in a clinical setting.


You cannot 'get stuck' in hypnosis.  Just as you cannot get stuck in a daydream.  There is no loss of control and the majority of people remember everything that occurs in a session.  They are simply deeply relaxed, yet always alert.  


In this relaxed state, it allows the critical factor of the conscious mind to be less active, allowing access to the deep subconscious mind.


Hypnosis allows therapists to go to the source of problems, from early childhood, the womb and past lives.  It also allows more positive ''seeds'' to be planted to help people achieve the goals they wish. This is why hypnosis is so effective for helping athletes.


No clinical hypnotherapist will ever turn a client into a chicken, nor do anything else against their value system.  Hypnosis is simply a therapeutic tool used to powerfully help people.




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