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Consciousness Events

Kathryn Hand and Mick Turner are the Organisers of 4 national consciousness conferences in Australia:

Afterlife Explorers Conference

Close Encounters Conference

Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Plant & Energy Medicine Symposium & Expo  

These annual events are designed to ask the question:  Who am I really?

LIVE Online Courses
Heal Your Overweight Struggle

Feeling fat is a struggle that many women deal with every single day.  It dominates their lives with anxiety, sadness, frustration and low self-esteem.  We hold ourselves back from doing certain activities and having our photos taken.  Nothing ever seems to work and we it feel like we will be struggling forever.  

Often there are associated physical issues like chronic fatigue, PCOS, diabetes, high blood pressure and ongoing tiredness.

It doesn't have to be this way.  EFT changed my life and it can change yours too.  Tap away the cravings, binges, limiting self beliefs and discover the emotional blocks and subconscious reasons that are keeping you fat and miserable.

In this 6-week course, I will show you how to empower yourself, totally supporting your worst fears, and putting the tools in your hands once and for all to turn your weight struggles around.  Buy the clothes you love, live the life you dream of, and be the best you've ever been! 


Cancer Freedom Tapping

Getting a cancer diagnosis is just about anyone’s worst nightmare.  The shock of the diagnosis, the fear, people’s reactions, overwhelm and stress are just some of the emotions to deal with.  When you decide to heal naturally, you are isolated and unsupported by the system and it can feel lonely and very, very scary.  Stress is one of the worst things for cancer, yet this can be one of the most stressful times of your life.  EFT, or tapping, is a fantastic way to help reduce or eliminate these fears and other negative emotions and bring you back to a place of understanding, acceptance and calmness – allowing your body to be in the best place to do what it’s designed to do: heal.  


Heal Your Inner Critical Voice

Our own critcal voice is the source of much of our own  

suffering.  We believe our own negativity that tells us we

are not good enough.  It results in anxiety, stress, worry, insomnia, mood swings and more.  We hold ourselves back and limiting patterns occur.  


EFT is a powerful energy healing that eliminates the limiting negative self-beliefs.  It is extremely effective in dealing with weight loss, pain, anxiety and stress, phobias and fear, performance problems, social phobias, exam worry, negative childhood memories, sexual anxiety and more.


In clinic sessions
Quantum Healing

Quantum physics is revealing more and more about the

multiverse that we live in.   What if we could access other

versions of ourselves in parralel lives to find that version

that has healed, become an accomplished artist, successful

entrepreneour or mastered a talent you desire?


Every choice we make sets of an unlimited number of

possibilities, all of which can be accessed by your deep

subconscious.  This is an exciting new area of healing

that has you working with your highest self, in a beautiful

light energy.

Deep Trance Light Healing

The Pandora Star Light Machine is a powerful light entrainment device using flickering light to entrain your brain to experience a range of beneficial sttes of brainwave activity which can be used for many empowering purposes including astral travel, deep meditation, and enchanced intuition.  Follow my Pandora Star Facebook page.

Past Life Regression

Live Between Lives



Kathryn Hand

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