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Life Between Lives

  • Have you explored past lives and have more questions about what happens in the soul state?

  • Would you like to discover who is your primary soul mate or who is in your soul group?

  • Do you want to have an understanding of how you chose your parents, your body and this time to incarnate?

  • What is your mission, why are you here?


These and many more questions are the types of questions I ask when you are deeply hypnotised and in the realm of spirits, or your own soul state.  As Dr Michael Newton discovered in his 7,500 case studies, life in the soul state – that is life in between lives – is an amazingly loving, supportive and surprisingly happy, humorous and fun place to be.  Discovering those who share a close connection with us in our soul groups, meeting before the Council of Elders or with your own guide or teacher and learning what your ‘role’  is in the spirit world can be not only fascinating but helps to gain a much deeper understanding and awareness about yourself and how your ‘soul personality’ impacts on this lifetime.


Having a Life Between Lives session, as certified by

The Michael Newton Institute, is one of the most rich

and profound ways of connecting with your higher self,

your soul self.  These sessions take around 4 – 5 hours

and in this time you will not only have questions answered

about your current life that you pre-prepare, but also

learn about other aspects of your life in the spirit realm.


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Love to read books about the afterlife?


Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton

Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan

Life After Life by Raymond Moody


Or prefer to watch a movie?

Nosso Lar 'Astral City'



Why not attend a conference?

The Afterlife Explorers Conference in Australia




Is it safe?

Past Life Regreesion

Case studies

The Newton Institute


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Kathryn Hand

Clinical Hypnotherapist CHt LBLt

​© 2017 Kathryn Hand

Certified by The Newton Institute

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