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Case studies

Past life recall

Kate's brutal ending

On the count of One, you'll be in a signficicant scene, from a significant past life... 3, 2, 1... be there now.



Are you male or female? 




[I determine I am talking to Sarah, a 12 year old girl.]


Tell me what's occurring for you Sarah?


I'm with my grandmother. I'm helping her make some remedies.  


Help me understand more about what you're doing?

We're boiling down the herbs and preparing the remedies. I'm helping.  We're not allowed to do it any more but people still need it.  


Why aren't you allowed to do it?

They won't let us.  We have to be very careful.  But people still need help from my grandmother.  


How do you know how to make the remedies?

I have been helping my grandmother since I was a little girl. I'm learning the way from her.  


[I learn a little more about Sarah and her life, the cottage she lives in with her grandmother, etc.  It seems her grandmother ran an apothercry until it has become illegal.  Sarah and her grandmother now run it underground with much risk, and Sarah, although unaware of the exact consequences, seems very fearful of what could happen if they are found out.


I then move Sarah to the next significant event in her life.]


Sarah, what's occurring now for you?

We've got some people at the door.  We're giving them some remedies.  [She jumps and gasps, clearly distraught] 


What's happening Sarah?

These men have come in and hit my grandmother.  She's fallen to the floor.  She's not moving.  She's not moving [starts crying].  Oh no, no....


With more prompting, she continues to describe what's happening.


I think she's dead.  Two of them are holding me.  One on each arm.  They are taking me down to the river behind our cottage.  [Sarah is upset and crying.]


Oh no, they are taking me into the river...oh no


[After a moment's silence, with some movement of her head from side to side, I give suggestions to keep her calm and ask her to continue describing what's happening.]


They are drowning me.  They are holding me under the water.  I'm trying to bring my head up but they are holding me under.  I'm drowning.  


[I give Sarah suggestions to take her through the final breath and remind her she is safe.  When she has left the body, I expand her consciousness and we conduct a post-life review.]


This client, Kate, came to see me with an health condition that had been untreated by doctors.  She wondered if there was an emotional factor contributing.  


Kate realised that the illness was sabotaging her from continuing on with a project, so in a sense it was benefiting her by keeping her safe.  Kate was working in the alternative health industry and working on a project that would potentially go mainstream and see her work far and wide to help heal women.  Seeing her lifetime as Sarah made her understand why she was so scared of being seen - she had lost her life and witnessed her grandmother being killed for being a healer.  


After the post-life review, Kate released the fear hanging over from this life time and connected with a guide who helped give her further assistance in completing her project.


Kate's condition cleared up and she was able to continue on with the project and additionally, was able to utilise the additional knowledge that had been passed to her.


Kate's PLR, April 2013

Life Between Lives


Remembering unconditional love


After I had taken my client through their most immediately past life, they had departed their body and started moving towards their soul home.  They described the sensation of feeling light and expanded, being drawn through channels trusting where they were going. 


In an expanded state, my client spends time undertaking a life review and receiving some healing, I suggest he reunites with his soul group. 


On the count of One, you'll find yourself in a place with your soul family.  3, 2 1...be there now.


My client is visibly emotional.


'Let me understand what's occurring for you?' I ask.


Everyone's here.  I feel like a soldier returning from war.  Such a feeling of love, comradarie.  They are all here for me.  Patting me on the back, cheering me on.  What a great job I did!


'How does that feel, experiencing this love and comradarie?'


Unbelievable.  This love is unconditional.  I don't want to leave.  I want to soak in it.  I feel like I have never smiled so hard.

David's LBL, October 2012

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Joan's quantum healing session

Parallel life

44 years of regret - gone!

Joan is a 62yo woman.  Smart, elegant and attractive, she runs a successful business and is on a spiritual path.  She has never married.


Joan has held a special spot for a man that asked her out when she was 18.  At the time, nerves got the better of her and she declined his invitation.  He never asked her again.  Eventually, she left the area and she never saw him again.  But she never forgot him.


Decades later, she heard the man, now in his early 60s, had died. She also discovered that he had left her a CD he had made...suggesting that perhaps he had always held a flame for her as well.  It triggered decades of hurt and regret. The thought 'if only I had said yes' went over and over in her mind. 


Joan came to see me with the disappointment, regret and sadness seeping out of her. 


I thought it would be interesting for Joan to explore what would have happened if she had said yes to his initial request for a date.


Using a hypnotic jumping technique, I took Joan into the alternate reality where she had indeed gone out on the date.


She entered that reality where she was on the phone accepting his invitation.  The afternoon of the big date came and she got dressed, seeing in detail her outfit, feeling the buttlerflies in her stomach.  She heard the knock on the door and felt the anticipation of seeing him. 


The date progressed and it was a perfect evening...the dream date she had always imagined it would have been over the years. That night she went off to sleep with her heart full of positive hopes and dreams of the future. 


The next day she heard nothing from her date.  Days went by and still she heard nothing.  Her heart sank and finally broke. She moved into a dark period of depression and never fully recovered from the rejection she suffered.


With some further healing work, Joan made peace with an understanding that in this lifetime their paths were not to follow one of courtship and marriage as she had assumed and hoped might happen.


After the session, Joan realised that the darkness and depression that the rejection of never hearing from the young man was much more damaging.  It had impacted her in many negative ways.  


44 years of regret vanished.  


Joan accepted their paths had not crossed in this reality for a reason and she felt gratitude for the successful, full and rich life she had created for herself.  She felt gratitude and love for his soul.   


Joan was able to move on with her spiritual path, considerably lighter and with more peace.


Life between Lives

Meeting the council of elders

A consistent theme when clients move into their spiritual home is meeting a council of wise, all knowing and all loving beings who give direction and guidance.  We commonly refer to these beings as the council of elders. 


This is a wonderful opportunity in an LBL session for my clients to have their personal questions answered about their mission, their problems, their soulmates and any other issue they would like some guidance with.  Often these wise entities offer beautiful gems of knowledge and wisdom that leave my clients with a deep sense of feeling they are never alone and always supported.

Various LBL sessions







I had to share this with you! Dunkwater existed!!! At the time that I was Bobby there really was a town called Dunkwater.  It hasn't been named that for about a hundred years...  


Denise K, Parramatta

Kathryn's compassion and ability to take me to where I needed to go is exemplary.  I am hard to please, but I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform and grow. 


Linda, Maroubra

My husband and I both come and see Kathryn.  Now I bring my daughter.  Our family life has radically changed. 


Rebecca S, Castle Hill

Kathryn Hand

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