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What's holding you back from living your true purpose?  You know there's something more you are here to do. Yet that inner critical voice keeps you small, doesn't let you shine and reveal the true potential that you have deep within. Discover the power of your true essence on a journey of self-discovery. Start today!

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


If you are on a spiritual path, searching for your reason for being here, then this work can make a profound difference in your journey.  One of the best ways to experience your soul-self and discover your true essence, your purpose, is to connect to your soul through your heart and explore your own immortal nature. 


This can be done in a number of ways, using hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to explore your various levels of consciousness including past lives, future lives and the life between life state.

answer the BIG


Why am I here?  What's my purpose?


What is this issue that constantly keeps holding me back? 


What other life times have I lived before?


Why did I chose to incarnate in this family, or with particular people?  What do I need to learn?


What hapens we we die, where do we go and what do we do?


Who is my soulmate?  Who have I lived with in the past?


Why have I lost people I deeply love? And are they around me now or in other lifetimes?


These questions and more are the big questions that you can can find answers to when you undertake spiritual regression work.  


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Your Greatest Self.


Your greatest self whispers to you all the time. Yet, in the busy clamour and clatter of our lives, we are often disconnected from that part of ourselves.  


The more you take the time to be guided by your highest self, the easier life becomes.  Learn how to connect to your soul self, your greatest self and follow your heart, and live your greatest life.



what can I



We are all such different and unique individuals that it is hard to answer this question.  This work is driven by your soul for your highest good, so it can take you anywhere!


Most importantly though we always seek to gain an important connection and explore a life from the past that will be very relevant to this current life. 


Unresolved wounds and lessons from a past life can carry over to the current life resulting in present day complexes, behaviours or issues. Profound and remarkable insight can be gained about patterns in present day situations.


Often significant people and the relationships we had with them in a previous life can reveal surprising connections about the dynamics we share with them in this life.


Regardless of beliefs, people often report that their lives are profoundly changed.  The only pre-requisite is simply to have an open mind.



Kathryn Hand CHt LBLt

I thought I would let you know how my life has changed since my PLR with you.

In 3 weeks I am starting a course studying Transpersonal Counselling.  I finally found what I want to do with myself in regards to work and this is totally perfect. Since my PLR with you I now meditate everyday and connect with my spirit guide and angels.

The PLR has changed my outlook on life and death for the better and I work everyday on aligning my personality with my soul and trying to be as authentic as possible. The PLR has helped me do this by showing me that I don't have to be afraid of death because there is a better place that we go after. And that my urge to want to help people isn't this bodies desire but my souls desire because of my work in the life I was taken back to during the PLR. I have also become a lot more in tune with my intuition and regularly get messages from my guides about things I should do.

My issues with my estranged Mother have totally gone because of what I felt when I was in her womb. And I am a lot more accepting that I had to have all the experiences in my life, good and bad, to make me who I am today and to teach me lessons. I do find that now I am a more rounded person, with more to improve on of cause, because of the past life regression.

Thank you.

Name withheld


Another wonderful session, thank you. Your ability to get to the crux of my emotions so quickly and perceptively is both amazing and reassuring....I continue to make progress and am quite well along the healing process. The deep seated hurt is generally gone and [name withheld] and I continue to grow as a couple...


Bob, Lindfield

Kathryn Hand

Clinical Hypnotherapist CHt LBLt

​© 2017 Kathryn Hand

Certified by The Newton Institute

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